Arma 3 Server Install

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Setup and configure an Arma 3 server. The Arma 3 server requires lib32stdc++6 which can be installed using:

apt-get install lib32stdc++6

Make the directory for the arma3 server files.

mkdir /srv/data/game_servers/arma3server

Install the Steamclient
Now that we have SteamCMD up and running, lets login to our steam account. Replace user and pass with your steam username and password.

login user pass

Once we login, we can then install Arma 3 to the arma3 directory.

force_install_dir ../arma3server
app_update 233780
Once it finishes downloading, you can close SteamCMD by typing in exit. Since we now have the Arma 3 server downloaded, we can now start it by changing to the arma3 directory.

cd ../arma3 ... and then starting a new screen to start the server, where armaserver is the screen name.

screen -S armaserver

Run the Arma 3 server. Additional launch parameters can be found on the Bohemia Interactive Wiki.


You can also return to the main screen by hitting Ctrl + A, then D. If you wish to return to the server console, you can do so by using the command below (where "armaserver" is your screen name).

screen -r armaserver

You can close your Arma 3 server at any time by hitting Ctrl + C in the Arma 3 Server console.