Arma3 Mission Development

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Arma3 - Create an Arsenal Box
Arma3 - Cinematic mission briefing
Arma3 - Move players active RESPAWN point
Arma3 - Helicopter Pickup and Dropoff
Arma3 - Triggers
Arma3 - Laptop with Custom Intel
Arma3 - Move an object to a new marker position
Arma3 - Create a map marker via code
Arma3 - Trigger to fire when X no of OPFOR present
Arma3 - Move all enemy units to a set position
Arma3 - Zombie Attack

Trigger with all ALIVE players in the Trigger

Activation: Any
Condition: ({alive _x} count playableUnits == {_x in thisList} count playableUnits) && ({alive _x} count playableUnits > 0)

This should go off when ALL ALIVE PLAYABLE UNITS is within the trigger area!

Trigger if all non of the players are present in the area.

{_x in playableunits} count thislist == 0
On Activation
hint "Trigger Fired"; <--- will display when all players are out of trigger zone.

ON ACT code in waypoint - with waypoint LOAD option: dostop evac; evac land "land"

ON CONDITION of waypoint with option MOVE: ((!alive unit1) or (unit1 in evac)) and ((!alive unit2) or (unit2 in evac))...and so on...for other units. This second code is a condition when the helicopter is allowed to take off...the code is checking what units are alive and what units are in helicopter. So if you have some killed units the helicopter will not get confused, and the extraction will be performed the right way for alive units. And he will take off when all of the alive squad members are in cargo.